Here at JSD Consulting, our main goal is to bring your vision for your business growth to life. To do this, our firm-client relationship has to be the best as possible, so we both may get the most out of the experience.

Below, you can find some advice on what makes a good PR client:

A big aspect of being a good PR client is managing expectations. Asking to only be featured in specific, very popular publications may not happen right away. Media coverage may not be as frequent as the client would like, and they need to understand and trust that the agency they hired is full of professionals who know what they are doing and are doing the best they can to reach the client’s goals.

Clients also must be mindful of listening. Just as they need to clearly communicate to their agency, a client must also know when it is time to take the passenger seat and listen to their agency. The agencies are the pros. And when they are done listening, questions are encouraged. Questions lead to larger conversations that lead to answers and will benefit both parties.

It is extremely important on the client’s end to communicate strategically. If a client does not tell their agency yes or no or how they feel about something, the agency cannot be blamed if the client is upset with the outcome. Clients need to acknowledge the benefits of constant communication – the agency will always appreciate it.

“The client must embrace the agency as an extension of its marketing team with a willingness to collaborate and work as a team. If a client thinks they can outsource their PR and social media without offering much input, you’re looking at an agency-client relationship that is doomed from the outset.”

The Good (PR) Client, Len Stein of Visibility PR

Now that you’ve read some of our client advice, we included a video below outlining the steps of becoming a client at JSD Consulting. We can’t wait to work with you!